Selling your car 101

The Guide to selling a used car in the modern world. 

Most of us know that trading your car to a dealer for a lot less that what is worth is the easy way to go. If you like easy but low value start there. But you if you are like us and value your hard earned money, you may want to take some notes. 

Selling a used car 101:

1. Price it realistically. Research the market using pricing tools suchs as,, Blackbook, and KBB. Also look at car sales websites and search a radious of at least 50 for your zip code

2. If you have a car that has over 200k miles you may want to find out if donating it for a tax rebate is better than having someone give you $100

3. If you haven't done this already. Let your family and friends know that you are selling your car and ask them to spread the word with theirs friends.

4. Wash the car before taking photos, as basic as this sounds we often see that sellers dare to post pictures of a dirty car. 

5. Pictures, pictures and more pictures, you need at least 10 pictures. Make sure pictures are taken during the day, in open space and in landscape mode. Make sure your photos show every angle of the exterior and at least a couple angles of the interior. 

6. Post it online, there are many websites that allow you list your car for free, including (duh)

7. If you have parts and accessories, see if the website allows you to sell those seperately, allows you to sell parts separetly. 

8. Remember car sales websites are not mutually exclusive and you might want to leverage more than one of them in your favor. won't be jealous as long as you include us in your list of websites. 

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